Ultimate Technology Boot Camp

Camp will be offered in cooler Prescott at the Embry Riddle Campus
Who: Camp is open to high school students grades 9-12
When: Sunday, July 8-Friday, July 20 (this is a 2 week program)
Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University - Prescott,
3700 Willow Creek Road
Prescott, AZ 86301
Cost: Tuition for this fully residential camp is $2100 per student and includes housing, meals, and exciting site visits.

Do you have what it takes to spend 2 weeks hacking at technology at Embry Riddle in Prescott, AZ? Learn from award winning faculty and instructors, how to create mobile apps, develop cutting edge games, design and build robots, and more. Work together in teams to learn design, development and content integration for software like games and apps. The camp is completely residential and tuition includes camp fees, room and board, access to all the software and hardware and exciting site visits.

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Contact Information
Phone: 928-777-3956

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Game design

Learn various aspects of video game creation: game design fundamentals and mechanics, game play strategies, and more.


Learn about the engineering process and design flow while working to build and program robots.


Learn how to use modeling and animation tools to create and render a 3 dimensional scenes.

App creation

Learn the latest in mobile app programming for the Android platform and create apps and games.



Ashish Amresh, Ph.D.

Ashish Amresh, Ph.D., is an Assistant Professor in the Ira A. Fulton Schools of Engineering and is leading the Computer Gaming curriculum initiatives at Arizona State University, where he founded the Computer Gaming Certificate and the Camp Game summer program. In the past he worked for Ronin Entertainment as Graphics Software Engineer known for Star Wars: Force Commander and Bruce Lee Quest of the Dragon. He is the author of Unreal Game Development, a popular book used for teaching game development skills for high school students. He has given numerous talks on using games in the class room for enhancing math and science learning. He is currently researching on how to improve learning of math word problems using games.

Ryan Meuth, Ph.D.

Ryan Meuth earned his Ph.D. in Computer Engineering with an emphasis on Computational Intelligence in 2009 from Missouri University of Science & Technology. From 2009 – 2013 he taught Robotics and Embedded Systems at the University of Advancing Technology, and now teaches Introduction to Engineering and Computer Systems Engineering courses at Arizona State University.

Ajay Bansal, Ph.D.

Senior Lecturer Ajay Bansal joined Arizona State University in Spring 2011. Prior to joining ASU, he was a Visiting Assistant Professor at Georgetown University in Washington, D.C. He also worked in the industry for 4 years as a Software Engineer at SIEMENS India, Metallect Corp., and Tyler Technologies in Plano, TX. His primary research focuses on semantics and implementation of declarative programming languages, specifically in the areas of Logic Programming and Answer Set Programming. He is also interested in Data Mining, specifically Opinion Mining and Classification algorithms. He has also been working in the area of Web service description, discovery & composition and was involved in the design and development of a Web service description language called USDL (Universal Service-Semantics Description Language).

Arnaud Ehgner

Arnaud Ehgner is a 3D modeling and animation expert and teaches several courses in the graphic information technology program. He is race car enthusiast and an accomplished magician and teaches animation in Maya at the camp

Camp News

The camp has officially begun and I will be blogging daily. Today was a fun day filled with excitement and challenges. As expected waking up in the morning was the first challenge. The students fought through this and were in class by 8.45 AM (We got some committed kids for sure!!) We started with introduction to code and students created their your own website, hosted it and uploaded their programming projects to the site. The first project was to draw a custom robot and the second project was to fire a cannon and we got some great results. You can check out all the students work at the Portfolios page. Here some of the featured projects from Day 1:
  • Simon O.'s Robot
  • Noah M.'s Canon
  • Kyler N.'s Website
    Following lunch, students did some wood cutting at the design workshop run by Dr. Gaffar and following dinner had some fun at the gym playing dodge-ball. Day 1 is now officially in the books!!!
  • Posted: 06/17/2014 - 10:49
    Today we did a walk-through of getting the webpages set up to display the coding projects and continued to work on the canon-game by adding a target and scoring. We also learnt how to draw some particles and learnt the concept of using Loops and draw the US Flag! As always the Portfolios page is updated with student project so do check it out! Here are some of the Featured Student projects from Day 2:
  • Paul G.'s Canon game
  • David W.'s Canon game
  • Bailey J.'s Particles
    After some awesome lunch we continued to finish our projects and participated in the second round of the design workshop by Dr. Gaffar. The dinner was moved to 7.00 PM to have more time at the gym!
  • Posted: 06/18/2014 - 11:25
    Today the programming course tackled concepts of Arrays and used those to build a particles flying all over the scene. Lunch, not surprisingly, Burgers and Fries from Burger King was a huge hit! After Lunch we had our first hack-a-thon event where the students were supposed to implement a bare bones version of the Flappy bird game.

    Check out some of the Featured Flappy bird implementations by
  • Michael B.
  • Matthew W.
  • Kevin D.
  • Jonah C. (see if you can beat the class high score of 50)
  • David W.
    After some deliberation we had to make the tough choice of who the winner of this hack-a-thon would be ..drum roll ....
    And the winner is ......
  • Matthew W.
    We finished our design workshop with Dr. Gaffar and topped it of with social gaming evening playing Artemis battles. They were given a semi functional lab with defunct computers and had to work together to identify the problems and get the computers fully functional before they could set up the Game! As the saying goes you got to earn your right to have Fun!!
  • Posted: 06/19/2014 - 11:17
    Today we learnt object oriented programming and how to create a particle class. Using this class students created several fancy particle effects. Check out some of the featured student effects:
  • Alex Z.
  • David L.
  • Gunner Y.
  • Kevin D.
  • Ricardo I.
  • Rohil H.
  • Simon O.
    After some Italian food for lunch Dr. Penny Dolin had us all mesmerized with digital photography and strobe light studio workshop. After a visual tour at ASU's Decision Theater we had dinner at ASU's Tempe campus and finished our day with Bowling, Pool and Ping Pong. Its turning out to be an exciting week!!!
  • Posted: 06/19/2014 - 15:45
    Today our programming course covered loading images, rotation and transformation with basic collision checking and response. Check out some of the featured projects here:
  • Bailey J.
  • Rohil H.
  • DAvid W.
  • Joshua L.
    After lunch we started our robotics course with Dr. Ryan Meuth. Checkout the pictures for some of the early work done with the Lego Mindstorm kits using MatLab software.
  • Posted: 06/20/2014 - 16:29
    The weekend is here! this means no waking up at 7.00 AM. After brunch the group went on a day trip to Techshop and checked out several machines including a C&C mill and Lathe. Next stop was a tour of the space exploration facility at ASU and witnessed a 3D astronomy show. After dinner we went to the Movies and watched the Lego movie. Sunday was another relaxed day with a day tour to the AZ science center and social gaming event in the evening.
    Check out the pictures for all the Fun!
    Posted: 06/22/2014 - 22:03
    Today was a code fix day! Which means we give a really buggy piece of code to the students and they have to fix it and make it functional. Check out Simon O.'s fixed version. The citrus dining buffet seems to be really working out and all the students are doing complete justice during lunch. Food for Thought ;)
    Our robotics program is moving rapidly, check out the images to see some of the Robot battles in the playground. During class the teams (3 students in each) have been creating simple solutions. Check out these cool projects:
  • John S.'s Catapult
  • Bailey J.'s golfer
  • Posted: 06/23/2014 - 17:12
    We put all our programming concepts to play by a popcorn coding exercise. Students had to implement a simple move and chase game and port the game to android. Check out these fun Android Ports:
  • Gunner Y.
  • Kyler N.
  • Simon O.
    After Lunch We finished Robot Wars and and the winning Team was Curry Mobile (Rohil H., Kevin D. and Paul G.). The next task was to create autonomous robots and have them move on a race track. Check out the pictures!
  • Posted: 06/24/2014 - 17:38
    This morning was a team Hack A Thon and all teams were to take the basic platformer game template (running below) make a functional game on their own.

    Check out these hacks by some of the teams:
  • Team Kirby (Justin D., David L., Bailey J.)
  • Team No. 1 (Pranav S., Ricardo I., Matthew W.)
  • Team Old and Faithful (Michael B., David W., John S.)
    We continued our race track robot in the afternoon session followed by some cool maze navigation algorithm.
  • Posted: 06/25/2014 - 14:59
    The day of reckoning is Here!! We got teams hacking at code to build the best game ever! and teams building robots that will change the world! It started with everyone learning how to draw rectangles and circles and now they have taken the giant leap forward and are building insane levels with earth shattering features that include mazes, platforms, and autonomous agents and robots! Whew
    Be prepared as you arrive tomorrow for the showcase and remember to RSVP for the event!
    Our youngest camper Michael B. has already published his game on the Android app store. If you are interested, you can download his game from here
    After a hearty lunch at the dining hall, the students are in crunch mode, getting every little thing into their games and robots for showcase! See you all tomorrow!
    Posted: 06/26/2014 - 15:11
    Today is the big day! the games and robots need to be complete by 1.00 PM. Here is brief summary of what you are likely to see at the Showcase:
  • Spatium-Iter by Blake, Alex, Jacob, Jarrod, Kyler & Simon
    -You are the only man left in your squad! Try to make your way home, take out the evil regiment and blow up their planets in this space themed side scrolling survival shooter.
  • Revenge by Jonah, Loren, Richard, Bryan & Noah
    -Roll, Hop, Run your way through this wacky side scrolling "Platformer" while you chase down the evil professor and his host of maladjusted offspring to retrieve the stolen parts of your body.
  • Caravan by David T.
    -Play as a merchant and his camel trying to make their way across the desert
  • 7 days till fate by Pranav, Kevin, Ricardo, Rohil & Matthew
    -You are summoned by Caligula and informed that you are required to participate in a coliseum tournament 7 days from now. Your decisions will seal your fate in this text based adventure set in roman times.
  • Post-apocalyptic Flappy by Michael B.
    -Fly a ball through a maze of treacherous missiles in this side scrolling bird flight game.
  • Space Horde 4201 by David W.
    -A space themed top down shooter . No story, No frills, just kill stuff.
  • Card Matching by Gunner & Gavin
    -Memory Game where you click on cards to reveal them and try to find a match.
  • Git thru' by Josh
    -A maze navigation game
  • Meme Attack! by Bailey, David L. & Justin
    -Play as a toaster shooting the internet meme "NyanCat" to destroy all the memes!
  • Paddle Ball by Ian
    -Keep the ball up in this game of quick reactions and endurance
  • Disco Quicksand by Paul
    -Try to take out the enemy before both of you fall through the quicksand in this high scoring platform shooter!
  • Dodge the bat by Jonah K.
    -Stay alive as long as you can in this fast paced platformer
  • The Good Times Bot! A Robotics Demonstration by Shawndell and John S.
    I would like to thank our excellent faculty, TA's, Staff for making these last two weeks fly by with ease. We all hope that this camp has given every student the needed boost to take their dreams to the next level. We also hope to see many of you join the Polytechnic campus in the future.
  • Posted: 06/27/2014 - 12:53